Winter hike to sky pond
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Winter hike to sky pond

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The hike to Sky Pond takes you through multiple lakes and ponds through the Rocky mountains. The hike one way is about 4.6 miles and 2,180 feet of elevation gain. This hike would be hard during the summer but during the winter it can be very difficult. It is extremely important that you prepare to be out in the woods for a while and bring the proper equipment for the environment. Most of the trail was not that much of a challenge, but once you start to pass The Loch the path was less traveled and the snow was much deeper. To get to the Lake of Glass and Sky Pond you have to make a final push up a waterfall. This is made more difficult by the fact in the winter it is frozen solid, making it very slick. However don't let all the hard work and effort required keep you from hiking this trail, because the views are 100% worth it.

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