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Ultimate Camping Trip Packing Guide
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Ultimate Camping Trip Packing Guide

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Packing for any trip can be a daunting prospect, and camping is NO different.

In fact, it can actually seem more daunting because not only do you need basic clothes and items, but also potentially cooking items, first aid, and more! My Ultimate Camping Trip Packing Guide will give you the guidance you need to head out on your first trip with confidence. You’ll leave for your trip prepared and ready for some awesome fun!

I’ve divided up this blog into sections so that it is easy for you to follow:

Shelter - This section will cover the basics of what to bring for your nightly shelter. If you can think of any extra items you might need to bring, don’t hesitate. It’s always better to take too much and leave it in your car than too little!

● Tent

● Ground tarp

● Stakes

● Hammer

● Tarp for shade

● Ropes

● Poles

● Dustpan and brush

Bedding -This section will cover the basics of your bedding arrangements. Obviously, if you feel like you need extra pillows or blankets - bring them! This is your trip, so make sure you’re as comfortable as possible.

● Sleeping bag

● Extra blankets

● Pillow

● Ground mat

● Storage bags

Cooking - I recommend planning your food ahead so that you know either what to bring or what to buy when you’re near your campsite. This list includes everything you need to cook your food!

● Food

Aluminum foil

● Snacks

● Ice and coolers

● Stove

● Fuel

● Matches

● Firewood

● Utensils

● Plates and bowls

● Pots and frying pans

● Paper towels

● Trash bags

● Dish soap

● Cooking oil

● Food storage containers

● Cooking utensils

● Mugs and plastic cups

● Seasonings and condiments

● Thermos

Clothes - Depending on the season, you might need extra sweaters and warm clothes. This list is concise but should help you to remember what to bring.

● Shoes

● Jeans

● Pants

● T-shirts

● Sweatshirt

● Jacket

● Socks (pack extra!)

● Shorts

● Underwear (pack extra!)

● Sleep clothes

● Waterproof gear

● Swimsuit

● Bathing towel

● Swim towel

● Laundry bag

● Sunhat

Personal - Again, this list is concise. If you need extra items, bring them! You can always leave them in the car while you have a blast on your camping trip.

● Toothbrush

● Toothpaste

● Deodorant

● Soap

● Toilet paper

● Camping shower

● Other personal items

● Personal medications (pack extra!)

Useful Items - These are miscellaneous items that will make your trip more enjoyable. Some are more essential than others.

● Sunscreen

● Chapstick

● Torch

● Night lanterns

● Bug repellant


● Water filets

● Camera

● ID

● Books

● Card games

● Misc. tools

● Camp chairs

● Sunglasses

● Reservations information

● Walkie Talkies

● Money

● Tool kit

First Aid Kit - I recommend NOT skipping an item here. This list is designed for your safety, so make sure you’re prepared.

● Personal medications

● Roll bandages

● Adhesive tape

● Antiseptic wipes

● Gauze pads

● Cotton swabs

● Tweezers

● Scissors

● Tissues

● Sterile compresses

● Emergency contact information

● Antibiotic creams

● Burn ointment

● Eye drops

● Small flashlight

● Butterfly bandages

● Twine

● First aid manual

Well, there you have it! This list is a fantastic starting point for your camping packing list. Remember, it is always best to be over prepared than under! So, if you think you need it, bring it!

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