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The Boy Scouts Communications Merit Badge
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The Boy Scouts Communications Merit Badge

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The Boy Scouts Communications Merit Badge

In February of 1910, the well known Boy Scouts of America organization began. Over the years this organization has had nearly 130 million young boys and girls participate in their programming and over 35 million adults who have supported the mission and cause through volunteering.

This organization is one of the foremost youth programs that focuses on character development and values-based leadership training. Currently, the Scouting organization is composed of approximately 2.2 million youth members between the ages of 5 and 21 and approximately 800,000 volunteers in local councils throughout the U.S.

As many know, Boy Scouts have an opportunity to earn merit badges during their time with the organization. One merit badge in particular is the communications merit badge. This badge is required for the rank of Eagle Scout and is considered one of the more daunting merit badges scouts earn.

The communications merit badge encourages the ability to communicate clearly and effectively. Many of the boy scout badges encourage practical, real world skills such as good communication skills. 

To earn this merit badge, young people must examine their communication methods, deliver a speech, conduct an interview, organize an event, work on their written communication, along with a handful of other requirements. Because of this, scouts learn about oral, written, visual, and digital methods of sharing information. In addition, while pursuing this merit badge, scouts have the opportunity to explore careers in the field of communication.

The Dilemma 

Gaining merit badges through the boy scouts, specifically eagle scout merit badges, can be overwhelming. We hear struggles from scouts and scout leaders alike, “we wish there was a better and more secure way to document and publish our work in order to work toward badges.” 

Trying to find ways to accomplish every goal set out for them isn’t always the easiest, but we have good news for anyone trying to gain a communications merit badge; we can help! Finding a community that loves the outdoors can be tough enough, documenting should not be. Camping.Tools is the perfect way to document outdoor adventures, research and more!

A Solution

Within Camping.Tools there is a way to work toward a communications merit badge through sharing writings in a secure place. On the site you will find that there are two different types of writings: journal entries and travel stories.

Travel stories are for the community to enjoy. All you need to do is simply click on the plus button within the writings tab, choose the travel story option and you are ready to write! Not only is this a great place to share securely, you also have a community of nature lovers who will enjoy your writings. 

Journal entries can be added by clicking the plus button in the writing section and selecting the journal option. Check out more on managing writings at the video below!

If you need someone to be able to see your writings who isn’t a part of the Camping.Tools community in order to gain the communications merit badge, simply invite them through the app!

In Conclusion

If you are a boy scout looking for ways to write journal entries or public stories of your camping research or adventures, look no further than We are a one stop shop for secure nature writings online!

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