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The Beginner's Guide to Camping Part One
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The Beginner's Guide to Camping Part One

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Are you looking for the ultimate beginner’s guide to camping? Great! You’ve come to the right spot.

At Camping Tools, we love camping. It’s a great way to get outside, connect with nature, and spend time in the great outdoors. You can do it alone, with friends, family, or however you choose, for however long you want.

Camping is a great flexible vacation option - it doesn’t have to be expensive, far from home, or any of the other typical issues that come with going on vacation. So, where do you start?

This is Camping Tools Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Camping!

Be Prepared

  • Our first tip is to be prepared. Camping can be full of surprises, and quite often, there will be bumps in that road. But with an open mind, the right mindset, and a prepared trunk full of essential items, you’ll have a great time regardless.

Pick Your Spot

  • Do you want to be still close to amenities and shops? Or, do you want to be firmly in the wild? What about electricity and water? When it comes to camping, you need to think about how your location will affect your access to utilities and amenities you usually don’t think about twice!

Choose the Right Shelter

  • The best type of shelter is one that keeps you safe, warm, and dry. Camping doesn’t have to be in a tent - it can be in the car, in a motorhome, or out under the stars. Whatever style you choose, make sure you’re happy and comfortable spending a night in that situation. We recommend checking the weather forecast ahead of time - particularly if you decide to camp out under the stars!

Consider Your Camping Needs

  • Do you or your camping team require any specific type of lodging or bedding for your trip? While the younger generation might be happy to sleep on the floor and in a tent, there may be people who simply need different lodging if you’re traveling in a group. Make sure that when you’re planning out this camping vacation, you consider everyone.

What’s the Weather?

  • The weather can really make or break your trip. Tents are flimsy material, so you’ll feel it inside if it’s cold or harsh conditions outside! Similarly, if the weather is hot, you’ll feel it inside the tent. Pack accordingly and plan ahead based on what the weather is doing - and remember, you can never be TOO prepared when it comes to camping.

Bring The Right Camping Gear

  • Struggling to think of what to bring? Check out our Ultimate Camping Trip Packing Guide for everything you could possibly need (and more!)

Plan Out Your Meals

  • Are you camping in the wilderness? Or will you be close to cafes and shops? The food you need to bring depends on your camping location, but if you are out in the wild, make sure you bring more than enough food! We recommend planning out each meal ahead of time and ensuring that there are enough snacks to last.

Camping is a fantastic way to see nature, spend time with friends, and experience a different kind of vacation. However, if it’s your first time, there can be a lot of things to think about and prepare for. We know that you’ll have an awesome time camping, but we want you to be ready. Check out our The Beginner’s Guide to Camping Part Two for more tips and advice for your next trip!

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