FEB 3 2023    
Quartzsite RV show!
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Quartzsite RV show!

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The hustle and bustle or the crowds, the smell of carnival food hanging in the air, the excitement in the vendor’s voices as they show off their products. The Quartzsite RV show is quite an event! 

Our adventure started with a 24 hour straight through trek from Oregon, where we had been for months getting our engine replaced, to Arizona. It had been down to the wire with timing so we only slept for two hours and spent the rest of the time driving, but we knew it was worth it as soon as we felt the warm sunshine on our faces, something we had been missing for a while. 

Walking into the rv show is like stepping into another world within quiet, peaceful quartzsite. The energy is intense and looking around can be overwhelming in the best way possible! 

At first, we wandered aimlessly until the smell of barbecue wafted our way and caught our attention. We realized we were hungry! The pulled pork Mac and cheese was absolutely delicious and they served us an entire brick of French fries that resembled a cinder block! Needless to say, we left that booth stuffed! 

Making our way into the big tent, we didn’t know which direction to look with so many different companies there and so many exciting products! Heating pads that got hot with a push of a button and no electricity, air conditioners that use minimal power, everything you need for solar power, workamping opportunities, rv mattress bedding. You name it, if it’s an rv product, it was there! 

All in all we had a great time at the Quartzsite RV show and will be back next year! Quartzsite is one of our absolute favorite places to spend the winter so it’s a no brainer that we like to go to the shows they host! 

Some of our other favorite things to do in Quartzsite is visit the spiral labyrinth, hike signal peak, and watch the most epic sunsets we’ve ever seen! If you’ve been thinking about visiting, we highly recommend it! 

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