Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area: September 2021
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Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area: September 2021

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My husband, Steve & I, are making a big trip out west this year, after a lengthy time away from traveling, due to the Covid pandemic. We know you understand, as everyone’s lives have been affected during this scary & uncertain time. I wish I could say the threat is over, but it seems as though we will be dealing with this on some level, for a some time to come. So…we decided to just get back out there, and be as safe as we could, while continuing to explore & live our lives.

We have made several trips to the west in previous years, and we find it so unique compared to areas of Florida & North Carolina where we usually explore, that we just keep coming back! One of our goals is to see & experience the National Parks. We have so many beautiful places to see, here in our own country. We have never really seen much of the state of Oregon before. Yesterday, we explored the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area and even got our toes wet in the frigid Pacific Ocean! What an amazing experience! The dunes go for a length of 40 miles along the coastline. The highest dunes, reach nearly 500 ft! And, I swear the one we climb to see the Pacific Ocean, was at least 200-250 ft! Whew! Enjoy the pics/video😊

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