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My Romantic Camping Trip Ideas for Couples
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My Romantic Camping Trip Ideas for Couples

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Camping can be such a romantic experience! I’ve shared a lot of laughs, smiles, and kisses while camping over the years and I wanted to share my experiences so that they might help others who are thinking of taking a romantic trip themselves. 

Here are some of my romantic camping trip ideas for couples that I’ve followed for years. 

Make a plan

Before you start your adventure make sure to have some sort of plan. This is not just a good idea. It’s a necessity for a good trip. Your adventure can go from romantic to frustrating very quickly if you do not have a plan. 

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be spontaneous or spend the entire weekend cuddled up in a tent. But trust me. Making a simple plan as to what you need to bring, what you’ll do, where to go in case the weather turns, etc. will help keep you and your partner happy the entire trip.

Plan your activities in advance

Just like having a trail map, planning activities in advance allows you to keep things going smoothly and allows you to focus on each other instead of what to do next. Think about what you want to do and when’s the best time and place to do it. Want to have a picnic? Plan it. Thinking about a romantic dinner in town one night? Get reservations. Do you want to watch the sunset over the mountain range? Make sure you know the best overlooks and how to get there. 

Create cozy accommodations

The accommodations really set the mood for your camping trip. It’s amazing what a few well placed lights, some comfy blankets and a couple pillows can do. Even for more adventurous campers who don’t mind uncomfortable conditions, having a few accommodations really helps set the vibe for the weekend.

Find a more secluded camping space

There’s nothing that will kill romance faster than kids or loud neighbors. State parks and other popular camping destinations are often great places to camp and have wonderful accommodations but you’re also at the mercy of having a crowded campground. Do a little research to find a nice and secluded camping space so the romance can go uninterrupted all weekend. 

Have a picnic

A picnic is romantic anytime and anywhere. But it’s especially so on a camping trip. Grab a blanket, sit by the fire and just enjoy each other’s company. You can have a fun day-time picnic with finger foods or wait until dark and dine in the dim lights of your personal campground.

Go on a special adventure

Not all campaign activities have to be done at a campground or on hiking trails. Try some experiences you normally wouldn’t have the opportunity to try together. Find a hot spring to soak in, go horseback riding, go on a tour. While these may not necessarily be romantic in nature, it creates a special memory for you to share forever.

Go on nighttime adventures

Grab a flashlight, hold hands and go on a nighttime adventure! You can check out places that are presumably haunted, sneak off and swim in a lake, or just hike a trail in the dark. Whatever you do, remember to be safe. 

Bring your favorite adult beverages

Nothing like toasting each other on your romantic trip. What sets the mood better than a bottle of wine or your favorite beverage? You can make it even more special by creating a special tasting. Grab a variety of beers or wines from the local area and enjoy the tasting experience. Just make sure the camping ground allows alcoholic beverages and try not to overindulge. 

Play games 

When I think about my romantic campaign experiences they are always filled with laughing and quality time. What better way to do that than playing games? Bring some fun board games, card games or romantic party games for two and spend quality time enjoying each other. 

Try a choose your own adventure or coin flip hike

This works best when you’re in an area that has many interconnected trails or options. Either take turns picking the next destination or flip a coin and see where it takes you!

Take a break from the outdoors and have a romantic trip into town

I love camping, but sometimes it’s great to sneak into town for a nice dinner. This is an especially great surprise if your partner isn’t an avid camper and needs a break from the campground. Bonus points if you can catch a sunset on the way to or from the restaurant! 

Cuddle up

What’s more romantic than cuddling? Whether in the tent, by the campfire or during your picnic make sure to cuddle close and cuddle often. 

Watch a movie

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the finer things in life! Bring a portable dvd player or download a movie to one of your devices to enjoy with your significant other. Don’t forget to bring some snacks! 

Watch the sunrise and fall

When was the last time you’ve stayed up all night? This is a romantic experience that few people ever get to experience and what better way to experience it than being surrounded by the beauty of nature? When you’re camping you don’t have to worry about the responsibilities of going to bed and getting up at reasonable times. Just forgot time exists for a little while and enjoy each other’s company. 

Take lots of pictures… or don’t

Looking back on your camping pictures will be just as fun and romantic as the trip itself. Make sure to take lots of pictures. Your future you will thank you. But if you’re too swept up in each other and forget to take pictures. Well, that’s O.K. too. 

Never forget the time you spent together

Whether you’re a journaler or you like to take a lot of pictures, make sure you never forget your experience. Part of the romance is going back and revisiting the memories over and over.

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