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My bucket list of winter hiking destinations in the USA
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My bucket list of winter hiking destinations in the USA

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Every year as the weather starts to get colder and we lock ourselves in doors, I begin to day dream about getting outdoors. These were some of the places over the years I’ve thought might be good to get out and try in the winter months.

If you have any suggestions or places I should know about I would love to hear them. But so far, here are the winter hiking destinations in the USA that are on my bucket list. 

Yellowstone National Park

I’m not sure what it is but the thought of seeing a geyser erupt in the winter sounds like a natural phenomenon one has to see! Not to mention I bet seeing Yellowstone covered in snow is a site to see in itself. 

The Mainland Ice Caves

Don’t the naturally made ice structures like the ones at Apostle Island sound like a beautiful site to see? Plus given the fact the conditions have to be perfect kicks my adventurer side into gear.  

Mt. Hood in Oregon

A friend of mine who winter hikes and snowshoes used to live in Oregon and talked about how beautiful Mt. Hood was. It seems like a great place to start a winter hiking adventure. 

Ruby Valley Hot Springs in Nevada

I dream of jacuzzis outside of cabins all winter. Of course, hiking to a natural hot spring in the winter is going to be on my bucket list. It’s like a natural jacuzzi after all. 

Jasper National Park

This just sounds like an all-around exhilarating experience. Sneaking onto brown bear territory while they hibernate. Watching elk and caribou roam. Getting a glimpse of the Northern Lights

Oswald State Park

I don’t often go on seaside hikes and I’ve never been to see thousands of whales! This sounds like a site you don’t want to miss in your lifetime. 

Tallulah Gorge in Georgia

Waterfalls and suspended bridge. What’s not to get excited about? I love waterfalls and I love the way the scenic views change when winter weather rolls through. This seems the best of both worlds! 

My list will continue to grow as I hear about more places and experience more places. In the meantime, let me know your bucket list and your favorite hiking spots to visit in the winter. 

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