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Great Basin National Park: 2022
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Great Basin National Park: 2022

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Well, we are off to Lake Tahoe tomorrow. It will be a long driving day with an interesting drive between the desert floor and the 11 mountain passes to traverse along the way. Needless to say, I think we will drive separately. We have been at Great Basin NP for the last 3 days. What a different environment and scenery than where we came from in Colorado. The Great Basin stretches from the California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, through most of Nevada, to Utah’s Wasatch mountains. It is HUGE!

The Great Basin is North America's only cold desert. It is also it’s largest! It typically has hot dry summers, cold snowy winters, and sagebrush as far as the eye can see.

We weren’t sure exactly what to expect but we knew it was primarily desert. We also knew looking at the map to get here that we were in a place with almost no towns around and was along “ Americas Loneliest highways” in the country- US 50.  

We were surprised to learn that this is considered one of the darkest night areas in the country and we had arrived at the beginning of the annual Great Basin Astronomy festival. It was the perfect time to see the Milky Way!  The night sky was lit up like nothing we have ever seen. Unfortunately I didn’t have the right equipment (tripod) to get a picture. We tried with our iPhones & the Canon in a private area as I’m sure all of the professionals here would have had a good laugh at us trying it with an iPhone!  Lol!!

We were also surprised to find out that there was a beautiful mountain, Wheeler Peak, within the national park with an elevation of 13,167 feet!  The pictures we have included come primarily from a 3 mile hike above 10,000 feet to two beautiful alpine lakes. You’ll notice that we had light jackets on and that’s because the temps up there were in the lower 60s with a very cold breeze. It was perfect hiking weather and many of the aspens were already changing color!  What a beautiful gem to protect for future generations. What a surprise to find alpine lakes here!!  

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