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Everything You Need To Know About Beach Camping In The UK
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Everything You Need To Know About Beach Camping In The UK

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Surrounded by beautiful beaches, the UK is packed with numerous beach campsites that’ll give you new experiences, especially if you have never been there. 

Whether you are into surfing, pack rafting, kiting, kayaking, or paddleboarding, you’ll get a chance to lose yourself in fun activities while enjoying beautiful sightings.

What makes beach camping fun?

Reasons Why Beach Camping Is An Exciting Experience 

Sunset and Sunrise Sightings

In terms of natural beauty, nothing beats sunset and sunrise sightings. And beaches are perfect for anyone who loves watching sunsets. For starters, you’ll get a perfect view of the horizon from your campsite. 

It’s also quite easy to catch sunset sightings as the colour on the horizon deepens, from orange to pink, a few minutes before the sun sets completely.             

In the early morning hours, the sun scatters its rays over the ocean and creates breathtaking scenes. By the end of your trip, you’ll definitely have many sunset and sunset pictures. 

Fall Asleep to The Sound of Waves

Listening to waves washing ashore is quite relaxing. When night comes, you’ll love the sounds of waves crashing on rocks and the whistles of night winds. Since such sounds are quite peaceful, it becomes quite easy to get quality sleep.

If you stay up at night, you get lucky and spot a few sea vessels sailing through the ocean. Some campsites are also in close proximity to lighthouses with strong beams. As a result, everything comes to life at night due to such lighting features, creating a lively environment.

Superb Weather

The UK coastline has very friendly weather conditions.  

Not to mention, the weather gets much better as you move towards the sea level. With that said, it’s worthwhile to note that the east side of the UK has better weather conditions than the west. You’ll enjoy warm weather conditions when you camp close to a beach.

Best Beach Camp Sites to Visit in The UK

North Motte Farm, Devon

Located in the south-west section of the UK, the North Motte Farm overlooks a huge countryside land and borders the south-west beach. Apart from that, this campsite is close to a few beaches that are along the Devon coastline. Thanks to the Devon coastline, you’ll get a chance to try out various water sports, such as surfing. 

The North Motte Farm also has various walkways that make the beaches and countryside more accessible. Some of these walkways will lead you to nearby towns such as Ilfracombe. And since this campsite is located in the countryside, the walkways are very scenic, making it easier for you to connect with nature.

It’s worthwhile to note that the ideal time to take a walk is during the evening hours, when the sun is setting. You’ll get a perfect view of the horizon from the elevated terrain.

For those who’d love to explore places beyond this campsite, the Mortehoe village might be your best bet. It’s only five minutes away from North Motte farm. As a village that’s packed with pubs and restaurants, Mortehoe can make your trip more interesting, especially after trying out the local food.        

This locality is also a hotspot for outdoor activities. Examples of such activities include fishing, golfing, and sailing.   

If you are feeling adventurous, go on a sailing trip to Lundy Island. 

Lundy has a ferry that dates back to 1958, which sails from Ilfracombe to the island in two hours. 

From time to time, dolphins might swim close to the water surface while trying to catch up to the ferry sailing towards the island. 


First, I’d like to point out that this camping site is quite popular due to its clean facilities. Examples of such amenities include toilets, shower blocks, a play area, recycling pavilions, a wetsuit washing area, and an onsite shop.

Camping charges usually range from $10 to $17.

To facilitate motorhomes, this campsite features touring pitches, which are equipped with electric hook-ups. 

The caravan field, which is separated from the main camping section, has 20 touring pitches. Touring pitch charges often range from $26 to $45, depending on the season.

Prices are always low in April and May, during the off-season months. 

From May to June, the price increases as the traffic increases, during the peak season.

For those who’d like to take luxury to the next level, static holiday homes might be ideal for you. 

For starters, most static holiday homes will always give you a beautiful view of the ocean. And anyone who loves oceanic views can enjoy scenic views from the sundeck.

Lepe Beach Campsite

This campsite is quite close to Lepe Beach. Actually, it’s five minutes away from the beach. Surrounded by various natural features, this campsite has beautiful scenery, with breathtaking views of the beach, marshlands, and Isles of Wight.

It’s also worthwhile to note that the Lepe beach campsite campsite is also in close proximity to a forest, known as the New Forest, giving you access to a wide range of activities. 

Plus, the Lepe Country Park is just a few minutes away from the site, and it gives you access to picnic areas and an enormous playground. Kids will enjoy spending time in the playground because it is well-equipped. 

You can also hike in the Lepe Loop Walk as you enjoy the scenic countryside views. Not to mention, this trail cuts through the countryside, giving you superb views of the ocean. 

For those who love water sports and water-related activities, you’ll get a chance to participate in different sports, from paddle boarding to kayaking and canoeing.

And if you want to explore places close to the campsite, start your quest at the New Forest Wildlife Park. It is about 15 minutes away from the campsite. 


The camping ground is always clean. And since the ground is levelled, you can easily get a pitch with amazing views of the ocean. 

Additionally, this campsite has onsite showers, toilets, and other facilities, which will make you more comfortable.

Besides that, it also offers pre-erected tents that might be suitable for you if you don’t want to go through the trouble of pitching a tent from scratch.

Since this campsite rents out fire pits and sells firewood, anyone can easily light up a fire or a bonfire at night. And if you do not want to hire a fire pit, you can carry your own fire pit to the campsite. Unlike many campsites, the Lepe Beach campsite has a very unique policy that allows its visitors to light up fire on camping grounds. 

Thanks to this policy, it becomes much easier to cook and prepare hot meals. If you prefer ready-made food over cooked food, consider visiting some of the nearby restaurants. One of the closest towns to the Lepe Beach campsite is known as Blackfield. 

South Dean Camping

As a campsite that’s located on a cliff that overlooks the ocean, the South Dean camping site offers you spectacular views of the ocean.  

It’s also worthwhile to note that the South Dean camping site is found in Exmoor National Park. And from time to time, you might get sightings of different wild animals such as red deer, wild birds, and wild ponies. 

A small section of the site has been allocated to various pets, and it is known as pets corner. You can visit this section and feed alpacas while petting them.   

Heddon's Mouth Beach is only two miles away from the camping grounds, so you have to take a walk to get there. 

Interestingly, the walk to the beach can be quite interesting - the trail cuts through the Heddon valley, which is completely covered in woods.

Speaking of which, the campsite is surrounded by multiple trails, which are suitable for walks. Examples of such trails include the Tarka trail and the South West Coast Path. 

At night, you can easily wind down around a fire, since this site rents out fire pits to its visitors. 

The closest village is known as Combe Martin. It’s packed with different restaurants and pubs. 

So, if you’re planning to grab something to eat, this village will be your best bet — it’s only five minutes away from the main campsite. 


This camping ground has a picnic area for winding down while you are enjoying the views. 

Spanning over 12 acres, South Dean Camping can also accommodate about 70 visitors. 

Apart from that, the South Dean Camping site features eight showers, multiple wash-up sinks, and nine different flushing loos.

The campsite charges $44 a night. 

Stowford Farm Meadows

For starters, Stowford farm site is surrounded by 500 acres of woodlands and countryside, making it much easier for you to connect with nature. 

With that said, you’ll have access to 70 acres of woodlands. This campsite also has various trails that let you enjoy the scenery. Some will lead you straight to Devon and Bittadon Valley. As you stroll through the valley, you’ll see some butterflies and different bird species.

It’s not uncommon to come across squirrels, jumping from one tree to the next. And once you visit this site, you'll be offered a woodland map, which will guide you through the woodlands. 

This campsite has a heated swimming pool that can take your experience to the next level. It’s always open from 9 AM to 4 PM — anyone can go for a swim within that time.

For those who’d love to wind down on the beach, Woolacombe beach will be your best bet, as it’s only 10 minutes away from that campsite. The Woolacombe beach has clean waters and good sand, making it easier for you to have a good time. 

The Barricane beach might be suitable for you if you want to collect shells from the beach. 

If you are into watersports such as surfing, consider visiting Croyde beach, as it’s quite popular amongst surfers.  


This campsite has an amenity block with toilets, bathrooms, and a laundry facility area. Since Stowford farm meadows is divided into different touring fields, every field is equipped with its own amenity block.

The toilets and bathrooms are always kept clean. You’ll also find recreational facilities inside the camping site, such as the horse riding center. 

Over To You 

Beach camping in the UK can be quite fun, especially if you take the initiative to visit some of the campsites that are listed here.

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