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Camping Etiquette
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Camping Etiquette

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Camping Etiquette

I recently was scrolling through social media and found several people that were frustrated about the same thing. 

Because I am a full-time RV’er, I am a member of several camping groups. I like to read about new tips and tricks. I also love to read about the best campgrounds. These groups do come with their share of drama. 

On this occasion, Memorial Day weekend had just ended, and campers were returning home. Many chose the groups to air their anger. It is no secret that Covid has brought new campers to the fold. 

As an old camper, I welcome them all. But there are some rules of etiquette that are unwritten rules that have been passed down. Technology has also made it necessary to add a few recently.  

Camping usually makes us feel safe and like we are a part of a larger family. We wave to each other, complement creativity, offer help when needed, and even share meals with strangers sometimes. Our kids play together while we bond over RV lingo, recipes, or a game of cornhole. Part of the fun is to meet new people and appreciate the lifestyle.

Some newbies that are just joining the family may not understand camping manners. So I thought I would share some of the frustrations of current old-timers. So in no particular order, here we go.

  • Just like when choosing a bathroom stall in a public restroom, do not park closer to another camper than required.

  • Lights are great, but no one wants neon blinking lights in their window while trying to sleep. When retiring for the night, turn off all lights not necessary for safety.

  • Keeping pets on a leash is an important rule. Pets and strangers or strange other pets do not always work out. Be safe. Keep your pet safe.

  • Clean up after your pet. It is not just sanitary but not doing so can make wildlife curious about new scents.

  • Wash your dishes at your site, not in public bathhouses. Bathhouses are to bathe.

  • Do not put things in the fire pit that will not burn or are toxic when they do. Campers use that fire to cook. This means No rubber, plastic, batteries, aerosol cans,  aluminum, or other trash. 

Please only burn permitted wood. Sometimes sanctions are in place to protect surrounding plant life.

  • Store all food inside a camper or vehicle. The local wildlife is in their habitat. We invited ourselves to their home. We must keep them and us safe.

  • Of course, leave your site like you arrived or even better. Do not leave trash.

  • Respect quiet hours. Fun can still be had without disturbing your neighbor and their sleeping baby.

  • Be friendly. This is one of the most important of all. Just be kind, and considerate, and realize you are among friends.

  • Do not walk through other camping sites. Do not enter another campers' site without a welcome.

  • When parking in public parking lots, park the furthest away for business. This is important to respect businesses and patrons.

  • Many new campers have outside entertainment centers. This is fun for those wanting to listen to music or watch a movie. Please maintain a minimum volume so that your neighbor can use their own.

  • Remember that other people may object to breathing in your smoke. Attend your fire, your cigarette, or cigar. Be mindful of wind direction.

  • Monitor, your children, do not expect your neighbor to do that.

  • Provide entertainment for children. Bring outdoor activities.

  • Obey campground rules. No trespassing. 

  • Please use bath and restrooms responsibly and report issues at once.

  • No drama. Take disagreements inside your camper. Watch your language. Act appropriately. 

  • Have fun!! No complaining or stinky attitudes allowed.

I have passed along some of the most essential good manners practices. Now let's talk about the unwritten rules of Christianity. 

Yes, they do exist. The do’s and don’ts are among the 10 commandments but may not be spelled out individually. 

These are Christian manners and polite actions:

  • Love everyone! This means every color, culture, ability, and the flawed.

  • Do not celebrate others' trials and failures. The drug addict or the thief that was the talk of social media needs our prayers and actions of love. Satan is trying to steal souls, and we need to raise a hedge of prayer and hope. That person is someone's child, brother, sister, or maybe a parent. Hope not condemnation. It is God's job to deal with their sin.

  • Do not incite anger or violence. Use your love to encourage and draw souls to God. This does not mean compromising the truth but not allowing satan to distort the message.

  • Set an example. Do not tell your kids the truth and then fail to live it yourself. Your actions speak louder than your words.
  • Be grateful. Show others how to be thankful. Help the poor and poor in spirit. Realize that it may have been bad decisions that placed someone in a situation, but you are not responsible. You are responsible for your reactions and actions going forward.

  • Do not answer to names that are not yours. God has told us who we are. We are His, not the world and the labels they want to give us.

  • Don’t worry, be happy! Share joy! Watch your tongue. Have a little talk with Jesus daily. Read His word, for in them there is life! Enjoy conversations with Him.

  • Impatience is a sin. Impatience never shows up in your life alone. He always brings selfishness, anger, hate, or ungratefulness with him.

  • Be a light. Lead others with this light. Shine in a dark world. If others cannot see your light, you are not fulfilling your purpose. Evaluate your brightness.

Best advice ever….pass on your wisdom and experiences to others. This applies to camping, Christ, and life. 

Leave testimonies and memories with the next generations. Teach by your actions. Leave a legacy.

We have more ways than ever before to preserve our advice, adventures, memories, and joy. Take advantage of the technology to do so. is the perfect place to share your tips and adventures. It is the best site out there for posting and sharing drama free. It allows you to share your passion and testimony.

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