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Bighorn National Forest - Part 10 - Summer 2012, Trip to Glacier National Park
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Bighorn National Forest - Part 10 - Summer 2012, Trip to Glacier National Park

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After leaving Custer State Park and Black Hills National Forest in western South Dakota, we decided to try to find a place to stay around Devil's Tower National Monument. It was late June 2012 and it was hot, somewhere north fo 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It turned out to be the hottest part of the entire trip. So we decided to continue west across northern Wyoming. We were approaching a large mountain range that I thought were too close to be the Rockies so I checked the map. They turned out to be the Bighorn Mountain Range. Since our entire trek was geared toward new adventure, we proceeded ahead.

As a reminder, we're in a 2003 Volkswagen Jetta TDI, strapped with everything we had for a three week camping trip and four people. If it hadn't been for the heavy springs I put in the rear we would have bottomed out going over a twig. So yeah, we were heavy. And the Bighorn's are steep. There were a couple of times when going up the eastern road where we thought Nana and the boys would have to get out and push. And we did actually end up stopping to let the transmission cool off because it was acting very strange, in a mechanically deficient kind of way. But after things cooled off we pressed forward. (Damage to the transmission was done here but we didn't find out the severity of it until later - check out blog post on Idaho Falls.)

Passing over the Bighorn National Forest mountain range on our way to Cody, WY, it was last June of 2012 and rather hot so the cool mountain breeze were very refreshing. We stopped on the roadside when we came to small river. The water was so cold it felt like your fingers would freeze in the water. And it was clear, clean water from fresh snow melt, some of which we saw on the hill just across the road from the mountain river. On our next trip out west I believe we'll have to stay here a bit longer. The USDA Forest Website Page boast over 1 million acres and 1,200 miles of trails. With many campsites to choose from, lakes and streams there is no doubt that we'll have a good time here. Marking the spot!

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