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8 Tips to Beat the Heat While Camping this Summer
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8 Tips to Beat the Heat While Camping this Summer

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You've got your camper, RV, or backpack ready to go with all of your camping essentials. It’s time to pitch your tent or park your camper and have some fun this summer! But, then you look at the weather and realize the heatwave that’s coming. While this is nothing new - it’s just part of summer camping - there are still many tried and true tips that can help you beat the heat and enjoy the experience even more.

Whether this is your first-time summer camping or you’re an experienced pro, everyone can beat the heat this summer with these camping tips!

Shade, Shade, Shade

We all know the shade is far cooler than the unrelenting sun beating down on you and your campsite. Placing your tent in the shade will go a long way in staying cool during the day, to maximize the ability of the shade you have to understand the sun's path. 

PRO TIP: Remember that not all campsites are created equal. If you want to be able to leverage shade to stay cool be sure to check online maps of campsites you’re planning to visit and see if you can get a site that is shaded in the afternoon hours. 

When making reservations consider the time of year you’ll be visiting and choose a site that is not only close to the amenities you expect to use (like bathrooms, outdoor rec areas, pools, etc) but is also shaded appropriately for the time of year.

LAST TIP: You may need to specifically request a shaded site from the campground reservation desk as it could be considered a “priority” request. If you can’t get a well-shaded site, consider a camping tarp if no trees or other natural shade are available.

Mesh is the Best

Mesh tents have been popular tents for summer months since they were introduced to campers. The mesh walls offer protection from insects while still allowing air to flow through the tent. This allows a breeze to cool you off. 

Try finding a mesh tent for your summer months. If you're worried about rain getting into the tent, know that all mesh tents will come with a waterproof floor that will extend a distance up the walls.

Water + Electrolytes = Essential

Drinking water and replenishing your electrolytes are one of the most important things you can do while camping. Dehydration will quickly ruin a camp and could result in a trip to the nearest hospital. It’s recommended that you drink a minimum of 2 liters a day. Try to go above that and hit 3 liters while outside camping.

Electrolytes are an easy way to help your body rehydrate. Electrolytes are things like salt and sugar. An easy way to ensure you're getting enough electrolytes is by drinking a Nuun or liquidIV while camping.

Take a Cold Shower

If you're camping in an RV, you can try taking cool showers during the hottest parts of the day. If you're camping in a tent, try going for a dip in the nearby river if it's safe. Ensure that you're legally allowed to swim and that the body of water is safe to swim in.

Cold showers or river baths are a tried-and-true way to cool down. You can also try taking a small towel with you and soaking it in cold water than wrapping it around your head during the hottest parts of the day.

Reflective Shades

One simple way to stay cool during the day is to reflect the sun's rays away from you and your campsite. Using a reflective sunshade is one of the best ways to do that. The idea is that your reflective sunshade will provide shade throughout the day. 

To maximize the ability of the sunshade, try leaving at least 12 inches of space between your tent and the sunshade. This allows for maximum airflow.

Feel the Breeze

While camping on a hot summer day the breeze can be your best friend. Try finding a spot on top of a hill where the breeze is the strongest. Try not to place your tent out of the breeze, this will ensure air movement and allow you to be cooler throughout the day.

Ditch the Sleeping Bag

Ditching the sleeping bag is a cool camping idea. Sleeping bags can be heavy and hot. One camping idea is to sleep with a regular bed sheet from your bed. These sheets are thin and allow you to stay cool while camping.

Two Words: Tent Fan

If all of the other cool camping ideas don’t excite you, you can purchase a tent fan. This fan will run on batteries and will ensure that your tent gets airflow and stays cooler than the outside. A good camping fan will be lightweight and portable, some can even attach to the ceiling or walls of your tent.

No matter what, it's important to stay cool and hydrated when camping in the summer. Ensure that you drink plenty of water and stay out of the sun when possible. 

Where are you headed this summer? We can’t wait to hear about your camping adventures in Travel Stories on the Camping Tools site! 

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