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Solar Powered Power Generator 1200W

Item Number: 5696982513352704
Brand / Make: OUPES
Model: Portable Power Station 1200W
Condition: Used - Like New
Price: $849.00
Location: Woodstock, GA
Posted: About 2 years ago
Updated: About 2 years ago

Item Details:

LiFePO4 Battery Backup Solar Powered Generators

More than 20% off of this Test Unit. This is a new item used for testing purposes. We are reviewing solar-powered generators for sale on Camping.Tools. This unit was tested and is quite good. In our tests, it powered a full-size LG refrigerator/freezer for a little over 13 hours. On a full sun day, it recharged the unit to 95% capacity using two solar panels in 6.5 - 7 hrs. You will need to reposition the solar panels as the Sun changes position in the sky. Yes, we know it's the Earth that is moving. ;) Overall, we highly recommend this unit. There is only one test unit available. Two 100W solar panels are included

Quick Charge with 3-110V AC Outlet Generator for Home Use Camping Outdoors Travel

There are several options for charging the unit - 110AC, 12V DC, and 100-200W Solar Panels. To power devices, there are three 110V-AC outlets, 2 USB and 2 USB-C outlets. The power indicator is accurate, showing the amount of power remaining. We liked the fact that the engineers programmed the indicator to go off less than a minute after activation. This ultimately saves power when you need it for devices. There is no doubt that you could power a laptop all day for remote working scenarios. We recommend this unit for off-grid and boondocking camping trips. Stay tuned, we'll be testing the 600W and 1800W units soon.

Shipping included.